Torre del Bosque


Start date: 1998

Completion date: 2001

Total area: 41,963 M2

Net rentable area: 22,623 M2

Project: Arq. Salomon Helfon Tauchi

Location: Blvd. Ávila Camacho 24, CDMX.

Torre del Bosque has been mentioned by the critics as one of the most complete and efficient developments in Mexico. Starting with its abstemious and elegant architecture, which creates optical illusions and gives an extraordinary design to the building. This is just one exaples of the building´s manifestation of high level innovation. The abundance of spaces gives an extraordinary sensation of amplitude, especially in its impressive lobby.

Torre del Bosque delights its occupants with a magnificent view of Mexico CIty, particulary, of the privileged zone where it finds itself located, Lomas de Chapultepec, in front of the Fuente de Petróleos.