St. Regis Kanai Resort


Start date: 2016

Completion date: 2021

Total area: 144,000 M2

Number of rooms: 124, 12 residencias

Project: Edmonds International

Location: Carr. Cancun-Tulum 5, Quintana Roo

The concept of St. Regis complements that of the Edition Retreat in looking to imitate the two worlds of Mayan mythology: the heavenly and the underworld respectively.

The arquitectural form is the product of the building planning, the geometry created by the trimming of the preserved existent mangroves on the grounds and the Mayan concept of folllowing the constellation pleiades, which was used to spatially arrange the offices.

The volumetrics of the set is composed of 2 intersecting circles which enclose the public area and the BOH and 3 semicircles of greater radii that open towards the mangroves and the the sea on a second level.

The semicicles of the rooms and residences contain green spaces in their intersections that also function as vestibules for stairs and elevators as well as terraces for observation and relaxation.