Park Plaza III


Start date: 2015

Completion date: 2017

Total area: 91,337 M2

Net rentable area: 37,000 M2

Project: Edmonds International

Location: Av. Javier Barros Sierra 495, Santa Fe, CDMX.

This project is a AAA commerical and office development.

It integrate a podium, located slightly to northwest, which generates a public square that permits the separation of the building from the street (Calle Antonio Dovalí). In this way the project is integrated into the urban environment while creating gardened spaces which beautify the city. The premises of diverse types of restaurants will also be locates on this podium.

This combinations is directed in accordance with the Leed Certificate guideline which indicates that the project be designed taking into account that it have the least environmental impact possible.

The office building is composed of 17 levels, each having between 2,173 and 2,252 m2 of floor space and a core area which is centrally located and free of columns to permit maximum flexibility in its usage by the occupants.